It is of course convenient to hide behind what has become today the typical outfit, the regular appearance. Why waist the time to consider how to look like or what to wear on each single day or on every possible occasion? When yesterday's jeans, some shirts and a pair of sneakers would just do it? It is cozy to be part of the many and not too visible amongst peers. Most convenient not to show identify. Making a statement is associated with judgment and is al-ways a risk.

Guess what?
I am here to speak against it. No risk, no gain. And it is not just that... There is no character and no identity.

After 40 years from the hippie rebellion it is time for a new revolution. It is not about emancipation, peace or liberty as in the early 70's. It is about gaining back dignity and personality. Women were meant to be feminine. This is not a modern concept.

I'm trying to obtain perfection in feminism no matter if it's said that this does not exist. I am here to prove trough vestures that simplicity can be sophisticated. That innocence can be daring. Or that a touch of depravation can add value if combined with elegance and glamour. That sweet can be mixed with sour and that caterpillars can change into wonderful butterflies.

I create dresses and other clothes by following a simple set of rules. Never compromise on fabrics. I carefully select fabrics to give woman's refinement, from smoothly to heavy. Don't try to be ingenious on every garment. I don't try to impress by awkward treads. Straight, classic lines will just do for beauty.

My clothes can be catalogued as an expression of creativity in love for a woman's need. She needs to be strong but sensitive, seductive but serious, lovable but unbreakable.